Things to Know About Rubys

Picture of Ruby and Diamond Earrings
Picture of Ruby and Diamond Earrings









Things to Know About Ruby Jewelry


There is a lot of demand for ruby jewelry today, and it is easy to understand why people would like to have earrings, necklaces and other jewelry with this particular stone.

One of the reasons for this is connected to the fact that rubies possess a beautiful red color. The people who have red as their favorite color are going to gravitate toward rubies, or if the special occasion is linked to the color red, such as Valentine’s Day, this may cause people to choose jewelry, which comes with a deep red stone.

Rubies are also known as the birthstone for the month of July.  This means that ruby jewelry can make a meaningful and thoughtful gift for those people who were born in July.  A grandparent could give a ruby necklace to a grandchild who was born in July, or a spouse could give his partner a ruby bracelet, to celebrate a July birthday.

Another thing that people link with rubies is the ideas of passion and fire.  This is precisely because of the deep red color of this stone. So if someone would like to emphasize how passionate he is for someone, he can choose to say this with ruby jewelry.

In fact, the word “ruby” itself is based on the word ruby, which in the Latin language means the color “red.” That is how connected this stone is to that color.

Ruby jewelry has also made its way into popular culture. One of the most well-known items associated with rubies are the ruby slippers that Dorothy clicked so that she could go back home.  These stones have also been worn by royalty, such as the Duchess of Windsor, throughout history.

Today, many of the stones, which go into ruby jewelry are sourced from places like Thailand and particularly Myanmar. From there, the stones make their way into jewelry and other items all over the world.

There are many different types of such jewelry, and no matter what your background, style or preferences are, there will be a type of jewelry that you can consider.

There are ruby earrings, rings, bracelets and more. Rubies have made their way into engagement as well as wedding rings. In many situations, the ruby only comes in second to the diamond when it comes to demand and desirability.

It is clear that the ruby has a rich history and much cultural importance. And for those people who have received ruby jewelry themselves, this particular stone will also have much personal importance.

It is expected that as people continue to look for jewelry whether online or in stores, the ruby with its deep red color, with its connection to passion and flame, will continue to be a popular choice.


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