Opal Ring as an Engagement Ring




If you are ready to make it official to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, then the next step, naturally, is to search for an engagement ring to make your intentions known.

Engagement rings do not and never should equate to how much you love a person, but it does not hurt either to pick a beautiful one for someone so special. You can choose the go-to choice diamond ring, but if you want to be more original and unique, then you may find an opal ring a rather great alternative.

Opal is rarer than diamonds, and holds a distinctive and exceptional beauty that would definitely appeal to anyone. Let us see why this ring is becoming a popular choice for those seeking unconventional engagement rings.


Contrary to what people may say, diamonds are quite common, which is why opals are a great choice if you want to give someone an unusual engagement ring. More than its rarity, the beauty it holds is something to marvel about.

You can say that opals are one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world as it playfully displays all the colors of the rainbow, which is commonly known as play of color. This is what really makes this gemstone stand out from all the others. It is beautiful to hold and truly amazing to see in one’s hand.

Opal rings really has its way of saying to the person that you are giving it to of  how special she is. It is elegant, classy, and fun all at the same time.

However, caring for an opal ring is quite tedious compared to diamond rings as it is considered as a soft gemstone. Its hardness is quite comparable to a glass, which is an important factor to consider if you are looking to get an opal engagement ring. Although, this does not mean that it would break easy; you just have to be better at taking care of it so it could last a lifetime.

Opals can be cut in different ways. You can have it in a heart, oval, square, pear, or round shape. Added to that, you can also choose the ring style that you may see fit for the gemstone cut. Some options for ring style are art deco, antique, and knot style.


Since they have different class, body tone, and play of color, pattern, and brilliance, the opal prices may vary accordingly. For opal engagement rings, prices are not just dependent on the type of opal stone but also the ring style and size.  You may contact your trusted jeweler to have an opal engagement ring quoted.







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