Why is Silver Cheaper than Gold


Why is Silver Cheaper than Gold

Let’s face it if you had a choice over some Gold jewelry in place of Silver Jewelry I am sure you would pick the gold. Because everywhere you look there is a sign that says 

The fight between gold and silver jewelry has been going on for ages.  Gold jewelry was winning with hands down for a while, but as time goes on the trend begins to change with time when gold prices started to get higher and higher.

Silver jewelry started to take over and is now considered to be the best option for the current generation.  Some people purchase silver for investment purposes while others purchase it because it looks and resembles platinum jewelry.

 Buying the right kind of silver is crucial to being able to own a piece of quality jewelry that will last you for a long time.

Because the cost of silver jewelry is much more affordable is also one of the main reasons why silver jewelry is cheaper than gold.  A lot of people would like to buy gold and wait for the value to rise higher, but many can not afford to do so.  The chances of theft are higher than if you wore silver jewelry and jewelry stores are more willing to buy gold then silver.

Silver rings, bracelets and necklaces can be worn to the workplace or to a party with ease.  Caring for and storing silver jewelry is also risk free compared to gold which is another reason why silver is the preferred choice.

Variety is another reason for silver jewelry to overpower gold.  Silver jewelry can also be more easily cleaned and also storing silver jewelry at home does not lure burgulars like gold would thus giving you a piece of mind.

There are extensive collections and designs online from various parts of the world that can be worn for various occassions.