How to Organize Your Jewelry Box

Image of a Jewelry Armoire


Image of a Jewelry Armoire



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Is your jewelry stored in multiple boxes, baggies and various hiding places in your bedroom? If so, then you have probably thought that there has got to be a better way to organize all of this and you are right; a jewelry armoire is the perfect solution to the challenge of storing your jewelry safely and conveniently. Let’s take a look at how you can take advantage of this kind of storage.

First of all, a jewelry armoire is a free-standing cabinet specifically designed to hold a large collection consisting of both fine and fashion jewelry. With individual compartments, ample drawers and generous necklace doors, they are designed to house entire collections, eliminating the need for multiple boxes, baggies and hiding places.

In case you are wondering how to organize your jewelry in your new armoire, you can follow my step-by-step approach. The first step is to sort your jewelry. Take everything out and get set to re-organize your collection. Lay all your jewelry out on a large flat surface. Untangle all necklaces and chains and then start sorting.   Go through each piece one by one and decide if it is worth keeping.  As you go through the items, ask yourself these questions:  How often do I wear this? When was the last time I wore this? Is it still in style? Is it in good condition? Based on your answers you can then put the items in piles, bags or boxes with these labels: keep, donate, distribute, trash.

While you are sorting you can also arrange the items as follows:

By type: earrings, bracelets, rings, brooches, necklaces, bangles and watches

By style: everyday favorites, fashion, costume, heirloom pieces

By material and or color: gold, silver, beaded, wood, plastic and color families

By Sets: Keep earring pairs together and jewelry sets together

The next step in the organizing process is to separate the jewelry. Remove any items that are broken, that need to be repaired or that you just don’t want. Consider handing down costume jewelry to children for dress-up or to start a jewelry collection.

Group your fashion jewelry by color to make it easier to find the perfect accessory when you are short on time and forced to grab and go.

As long as you are turning over a new leaf and getting your jewelry nicely organized, the next step is to clean your collection. Take the time to clean everything so that you will be sure that your beautiful pieces are sparkling when you are ready to wear them.

When you have finished sorting, separating and cleaning your jewelry you are ready to store everything. Armoires are lined and particularly suitable for silver jewelry, however, to keep silver jewelry tarnish free make sure the pieces are not touching each other.

Jewelry should be stored the way it’s worn. Hang the necklaces, and store items with space around them to keep them from getting tangled, tarnished or chipped.

Reserve the top section and top drawer for your favorite pieces and collections. Then, fill up the remaining drawers and swing out sides with your newly organized jewelry collection. There is usually one deeper drawer in a jewelry armoire, and you can reserve this one for chunky pieces and bangles.

Utilize the small square compartments for earrings and brooches, and store rings carefully in the padded ring rolls. Necklace sides on jewelry armoires are generous and allow easy and accessible necklace storage.