How to Clean Jewelry at Home

How to Clean Jewelry at Home


Jewelry is one of those things that can add sparkle to your personality.  Do you know that jewelry can lose its shine and luster and become uninterestingly dull?  Developing the habit of cleaning your jewelry at appropriate intervals is a good way to retain their sparkle for a very long time and also make your jewelry cleaning quicker and easier.

The cleaning of your jewelry can be done either by taking it to a professional to do it for you or at your local jewelry shop or doing it on your own at home using simple ingredients that are available.

If you decide to do it yourself at home, there are the ingredients and steps to follow to get the best result.

  1.  Vinegar Solution:  Vinegar is an excellent cleaning agent for jewelry and other metals.  Soak your gold jewelry and gemstones in a solution of white vinegar and gently scrub away the dirt with a very soft bristle toothbrush.
  2.  Ammonia:  A diluted solution of Ammonia is another excellent agent for cleaning diamond jewelry.  It is effortless for Dirt to gather around the stones in jewelry ad diamond rings.  Soak the jewelry in ammonia solution for about 15 minutes and after that clean with a soft bristle toothbrush to make it sparkle at their best again.  Warm water and baking soda can also be used to clean your jewelry.
  3. Soapy water:  Some elements like turquoise or pearls can not be cleaned using the first two options or any other harsh solvents because they are very soft and porus.

The best way to clean them is by soaking in a solution of detergent.  Make a solution of soap with warm water.   Dip the pearl jewelry in it and don’t let it stay long.  Then take it out and wipe it gently with a clean piece of cloth or cotton and after that rinse with clean water and dry.

       4.  Aluminum foil:  Cleaning jewelry like Silver should be done properly because silver tarnishes with time.  It is a process you must not avoid.  To do the cleaning of larger silver pieces and also revamp their old beauty, put a piece of crumpled aluminum foil on a tray.   Then put the jewelry on the tray and add or pour a mixture of baking soda and pour a bit of boiled water over it.  Rub the jewelry with the foil to remove dirt.  Rinse with water once it is clean and you are done.

Although the various methods listed here are very efficient, there are other easier and more modern ways to clean your jewelry.  For example, there are ready made cloths for cleaning jewelry these days, and you can use it to polish and clean your jewelry with ease and without wasting any time.  These cloths have been made with cleaning agents that will make it easy to remove the dirt and grime in your jewelry and bring back its original quality in just minutes.

However, do not use the fabric clean on 24 Karst gold and porus gemstones, for example, don’t use the fabric cleaner on 24 Karat Gold and Soft porus gemstones like opal, turquoise, emerald, amber, onyx and coral.  You should clean that delicate jewelry with a solution of detergent with minimal contact.

The most recent method to clean jewelry is the use of an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, and it performs a thorough cleaning by sending high-frequency waves through the prepared cleaning solution.  They are excellent for regular cleaning and very affordable.