How to Choose Unique Engagement Rings



Unique Engagement Rings  


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How to choose Unique Engagement Rings

Let’s face it!  Choosing that perfect unique engagement ring can be as hard as making the marriage proposal in the first stage.  This statement ring has to show all your love and appreciation for the ‘lady thief’ that stole your heart and on top of that, it must represent her fashion style and taste for fine jewelry.

It is difficult to find unique engagement rings.  Should you go with diamonds or vintage style rings?  All of these questions make yor life unbearable especially if the magical moment is approaching and you want to make things ring.  Don’t worry, here are some simple rules or advice that you can follow that guarantee you putting a gorgeous ring on it.

Establish your budget from early time  Contrary to other people’s false beiefs, it’s really not necessary to open a new credit line at your bank just to buy unique engagement rings.  Once you believe she’s the one start making plans and put some money aside.  And remember, it’s not about the price but more of finding that perfect engagement ring that she will love to wear.

Steal her ring size  This might be tough to do but there’s really no other reliable option.  While she’s not around take a look at her jewelry box, grab a ring to have it sized by a jeweler and take photos; this way you will have an idea in your mind about her jewelry style.

Turn Her Friends Into Accomplices his particular job can’t be done without additional help.  She might give hints to her friends or talk about how beautiful certain diamond engagement rings are therefore it’s not a bad idea to start a high level top secret collaboration with them.

Learn details about unique engagement ring settings.

You should get a quick education online about how gemologists grade stones and other useful guidelines regarding engagement rings.  For instance, when choosing diamonds it is advisable to avoid any color grade below H (too yelow) or any cut grade below Very Good (not enough sparkle).

Diamonds are a girls’ best friend….not necessarily  Once you know her ring size you can proceed to the style of the engagement rings.  While some women prefer traditional diamond rings it is preferable that you choose something classy but with a little twist like a special color or design.

There are some ladies that are very fond of unique vintage engagement rings.  If that’s the case, you can look for jewelry shops that sell vintage jewelry and certified vintage gems.

At last, if you feel creative you can always opt for custom engagement rings that will be made according to your instructions.  If you have old family gemstones it’s even better because you can give her a ring with deep meaning that will last forever on her hands.





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