How to Choose a Diamond Wedding Ring

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When you’re ready to make that big decision in life and you are ready to pop the question to that special loved one in your life, a Diamond Wedding ring allows you to add sparkle and it will draw attention to your jewelry.

SHAPE OF THE DIAMOND:   When you get ready to choose a piece of diamond jewelry,  you will have to decide what you want your diamond ring to look like. The shape of your diamond is an inportant part of this process. Most brides when getting ready to choose their wedding ring they like to match their wedding ring with their engagement ring. The most common diamond is the round diamond in wedding jewelry, other diamond rings preferred are the princess cut diamonds and also the emerald-cut diamonds.

THE SIZE OF THE DIAMOND:  The size of the diamond has a great impact on the way a diamond ring looks. A lot of diamond rings have small stones, but large stones are also nice. The size of the stone mainly has to do with the style and preference of that particular persons preference and what their particular budget is. When shopping for wedding bands look at the total diamond weight because this will tell youhow many carats are in your ring.

THE SETTING OF THE RING: The ring setting is an important part when you are shopping for a diamond ring. The most common settings in diamond wedding bands are the Channel settings. Prong settings are also used in wedding bands, these settings usually have three  or four prongs and the diamonds are raised above the band. Wedding bands also have pave settings that combine several small stones to look like one large stone.

Happy hunting for that beautiful ring for your special day.