FIRE OPAL Gemstone Jewelry


Fire Opal is known for its vivid color.  Fire opal is the only kind of opal that can be transparent to translucent.  The most significant deposits of fire opal are located in Mexico. Sometimes these gemstones are also found in other countries. Fire opals should be protected from heat and prolonged exposure to strong light that could dry it out.

The Fire Opal like the other opals consists of silicic acid with a relatively high water content.  Fire opals are known to bestow courage, stamina, will-power and energy on the person who wears them.  The colors range from yellow tor orange and brown to red.  The best fire opals show a vivid burnt red orange combination.

Image of Fire Opal RIng


Fire opals has unusual characteristics not shared by other opals.  The higher grade fire opals are usually cut in facets.  Some pieces of the fire opal will display multiple colors in a single stone.