Blue Topaz Birthstone Jewelry

Blue Topaz Birthstone Jewelry  is the birthstone for the month of December.  The most popular colors associated with Blue Topaz are Sky Blue Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz and London Blue Topaz.  It is always facinating to learn about the different types of gemstones.

Different Healing Properties Associated with Blue Topaz are:

Repairs the Digestive Tract

Relieves Headaches

Balances and Strengthens the Throat

Boost Mental Abilities

Is Associated with Healing, Love and Relationships


There are many other healing properties that are associated with this stone. like anything else don’t use this stone if you have a serious illness always seek medical attention when needed. I am just listing the different healing properties associated with this stone.  This stone is also known to attact good luck wealth and success at work

Blue Topaz also symbolizes the blue sky, which has the meaning of the relationship between man and his creator.