Black Onyx Jewelry







Black Onyx Jewelry

Black Onyx Jewelry is a semi-precious stone.  Because black onyx jewellery is a precious gem and is considered to be neutral in color it can be worn and matched with any outfit and it can also be worn on any occassion.  You can also buy this gem in sets with earrings, bracelets and rings.

Because Black Gems go with any color that you are wearing, owning a piece of onyx jewelry would be the perfect choice.  It would make the perfect gift for that special loved one in your life.

The most popular styles of these precious gems are usually set in silver which compliments the look of the stone.  This stone is also worn by men.  The popular styles that are usually worn by men are cufflinks,rings and earrings.

This black gemstone is known to be a crystal that helps people to concentrate better.  It is also known to help people who have problems with bones, teeth, bone marrow, blood disorders.  It is believed that onyx helps these people feel better.  These are beliefs just remember that if you have any serious problems always consult a physician.  All that is important is for people to feel good wearing onyx.

If you are looking for something that is elegant, this is the type of stone that appeals to both men and women.  Because of the softness of this stone it would be the ideal material for setting it in different kinds of handmade jewelry.  This black gem is also the tenth wedding anniversary gemstone which can be given to someone on their anniversary.

Black onyx beads that come in various shapes and sizes are used and crafted into bracelets.  It will make the perfect gift for anyone that you want to give it to.  To clean your onyx jewelry just use warm soap and water and a soft toothbrush.  Never use harsh detergents or cleaners to clean your stones because you will damage them.  After cleaning them, just wrap them in a cloth and store your items or item in your jewellery box.