Aquamarine The Perfect Match Birthday Present


AQUAMAINE: The Perfect March Birthday Present


GEMSTONES: are highly treasured for their appeal and distinct appearance. They have been choice jewels for the wealthy over the years. Aquamarine is one of the most popular valuable stones available today. The fact that it is available in abundance and easy to mine makes it one of the few relatively affordable stones sold as jewelry today.

Aquamarine is chosen as the birthstone for those born in March and is a wonderful present to those born in this month, especially loved ones. The stone is also chosen as the official stone used to mark the 19th anniversaries.

If you are looking to wow that special someone on their birthday in the month of March, then an aquamarine ring might just do the trick. Below we will look at some of the important factors to consider when it comes to buying these precious stones.


Characteristic of the sea water, this stone can be blue-green, green-blue, light-blue and dark-blue in color. This wide variety of colors has different associated values depending on the abundance of supply. Dark-blue stones are considered most valuable but are in low supply.

Most of the dark-blue stones in supply are mainly fashioned from the other varieties available through heating. This heating does not affect the structure or strength of the stone. Crystal clear blue green and green-blue stones are more popular despite their associated relatively lower price.


stones are known to be clear lacking any inclusions. However, there are some known inclusions that make the stone even more valuable in color. For instance, a cat’s eye aquamarine is a rare gemstone in this family with characteristic lateral inclusions, which give it a distinct cat’s eye look. Another variation, which includes an inclusion that enhances its value is the star aquamarine, which comes with six rays. These variations are rare and command slightly higher prices.  


These gemstones are known to be quite hard and resistant to unwanted cracks. They can, therefore, be cut into any shape or form easily by skilled jewel cutters. Available shapes include oval, round, rectangular and other custom shapes. When cut aquamarine has an appealing glass-like luster. This variety offers customers and collector the ability to choose the most appealing shape as per their preferences.


To further improve their appearance, these stones are usually treated with heating to give them a darker hue. This is because, dark blue stones in this category are deemed to be more appealing and hence more valuable. Although, treated stones far exceed the untreated dark-blue variety, they sell for much lower per carat.

Buying quality jewelry as a gift to someone special is one of the ways to make them understand how much you appreciate them. However, buying jewelry backed by so much meaning and beauty as aquamarine gemstones you can make sure they always have you in their hearts.



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