All About Gemstone Engagement Rings



All about Gemstone Engagement Rings

There are several reasons why you would choose gemstone rings. Various occasions like wedding engagements, graduation, birthdays or anniversaries are great examples where these rings would be the best choice. Even though, diamonds are considered the traditional engagement rings, recently people have started using other gemstones like sapphire, emerald or ruby. Even some rings of topaz and amethyst are now being seen around.

Throughout history, engagement rings made from gemstones were considered as great wealth symbols. You can use tourmaline to show devotion, whereas emerald signifies friendship. While amber increases motivation, rings made of imperial topaz or garnet encourages self-confidence. Princess cut engagement rings made of amethyst can help overcome depression and reduce stress.

Once you have looked at the best engagement rings, you can now select your desired gemstone for setting. The most popular setting is the prong setting, in which prongs hold up the gemstone as if displaying it. Nevertheless, using the prong settings for your princess cut engagement rings could create a problem, especially if one prong breaks allowing the gemstone to fall off.

Gemstone engagement rings can be accessed as either cheap or expensive rings. When you look for princess cut engagement rings, you can find them in various locations. For instance, you can get gemstone rings from most department stores, even if those stores don’t have their own jewelry section.

Cheap gemstone engagement rings are purchased when you find the gemstone used has a low quality. All gemstones are classified based on their coloration, weight, size, and purity. A stone with too many flaws is therefore considered cheaper than a flawless gemstone. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that princess cut engagement rings fashioned with these gemstones is unattractive, rather that they are just cheaper. Actually, these rings are usually the best for everyday use.

Amethyst rings are basically a kind of quartz gemstone. This particular gemstone is not very expensive compared to emeralds, rubies or diamonds, but they are unique and beautiful. In general they have a purple color and can go along with one of your favorite purple dresses. You can easily mistake garnet for a ruby when it is used in princess cut engagement rings due to its great coloration.

When gemstones are bright green in color, they are some of the most costly items. Hence, princess cut engagement rings made from emerald may also be costly. Citrine is another magnificent gemstone that may be used in engagement rings. It has a great yellow color that appears golden when seen in a certain light. The different gemstone engagement rings means that you will never lack a good option when looking for the best ring for your special day.